Jul 26, 2010

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Rupee Font - Fordian Technologies

On 15, July, 2010, India introduces brand new symbol for rupee currency and became the fifth currency in the world having its unique symbol,

Yes Indian currency joined the elite club of the U.S. dollar, the European euro, the British pound sterling and the Japanese yen to mark its presence in the global arena.
Soon after the approval of the new indian rupee symbol, Mangalore based internet Engineering company - Fordian Technologies made the first font type which includes the all new rupee symbol. Fordian assigned the key above "TAB". (Nice selection yar I dont know when Iused the key before...)

You can download the font from their site and use it for free. Be sure that you are downloading the latest version. Also Vector, EPS, Photoshop and Illustrator files for the brand new Indian Rupee Symbol can be downloaded for free!. In future this will be the key with most hits for currency symbol.
Congratulations to Fordian Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Nice and good work

Its not over.... Actually, the first ever font has been created by Soumyadip, which was mentioned in Fordian site itself. congratulations to Soumyadip.
hey come closer, I ll tell you one more thing.
The approved symbol didn’t feature amongst the short listed symbols which were circulated before in the media!!!. Have look below.


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