Aug 31, 2010

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Watch inidhu inidhu online

Director: K V Guhan
Production: Duet movies
Music: Mickey J Meyar
Cast: Arun Iswaran (Sidhu), Narayan (Tyson), Madhu(Reshmi Menon), Shravs (Sonia), Vimal (Vimal), Bennas(Appu), Shankar (Sharan sharma), Sangeetha (Giaumar), Sunny balboa (Sanny sawrav), Abhishek (Arjun), Krishna (Sanjay),  Ajay (Ajay).

Inidhu inidhu is a remake of a super hit Telugu film "Happy days". Its a youthful film starts from the day one of the first year and ends in the farewell party. Packed with all fun and beautiful relationships in the collage campus. College goers will love it for sure. 


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