Sep 27, 2010

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Its time to celebrate - Common Wealth Games - Delhi 2010

We should stop blaming the officials for lack of preparation and corruption behind this mega sport event.
Why we have to show off our family (Internal) issues on the streets. Let us keep the issues aside and just we concentrate on how we can make our guests feel comfortable. The main ingredient for any food is not the spices we add, but the smile at our face while we serve. So let us speak about the positive sides of this event.

For CWG 2010 Govt of India spent huge amount of money than any other sport event in her history. Though the official website still says it was around 11 crores, but the fact is around 30 crores. Is really all the money has been wasted by? Is there anything to say positive about CWG Delhi 2010?. The answer is yes there are many positive matters to celebrate and praise ourselves. But the media always want use the complaining attitude. We remember the worst play of media during Mumbai attack.

The below images
are found in the facebook page of Field Hockey Canada, and why don't our media not ready to publishing any of these kind of pictures. What stopping them? Lets keep them aside. 

Come on friends we will say and show the world, how good we are. Spread the good news about CWG. Thank you.

The above article is sent by one of our reader Mr. Ranjith Kumar. Connect Indya happy to publish this article with little moderation. Thank you Mr. Ranjith. Dear friends if you wish to send any articles or suggestions please send it to connectindya[at] Waiting for your comments.

You can also find more pictures on this post
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Anonymous said...

Its true, need of the hour...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see these pictures. Media should change their attitude and should help the official to make the players to feel good and comfortable.

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