Apr 25, 2012

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Billa 2 Gangster promo song released online

Billa 2 Gangster
Billa 2 Gangster promo song was released today as promised by Sony Music. Ajith staring Billa 2 Promo song was realeased online in youtube by sony music. After 2007 Billa the sequel was much expected film of this year 2012. Billa 2 is expected to release in June.

Billa 2 Song onlineAs soon as the Billa 2 promo songs released it goes viral in you tube. Yes The video got already 682 likes. Yuvan done a decent job. The Billa 2 songs will be released soon says Sony Music. Rumours are spreading like the song will be released on Ajith Kumar Birthday which is on May 1st. The video showcase the snap shots of scenes from Billa 2 movie. This promo Billa 2 movie video adds fuel to the hype created by the trailer which was previously released.

Ashok Parwani, Head, Sony Music South, says, "Billa was extremely successful and people are now eagerly waiting for Billa 2. By showcasing a new song each day, we're giving the fans something to look forward to every single day. We're tapping on Ajith's popularity and we're confident that everyone will truly appreciate the idea of this visual treat."

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