Sep 30, 2010

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Commonwealth Games 2010 - Why the media didn't publish any of these pictures?

Only two days yet to go. But unfortunately still the media in our country trying to defame their own mother country. Where all the photographers of the giant news channel went? Its shame to know that they are this much blind to ignore this beautiful side. These pictures shows the dedication and sincere hard work of many thousands of people who spent their day and night to bring pride to our country. We must praise and honour  those dedicated minds and the sweat they shed. 

Just ignore the media we people joins together and bring pride to them and the country. Congratulations and best wishes to the bright and loyal minds behind these master pieces. Share with your friends and spread this to reach those dirty minds behind the media.

You can also find more pictures here and here
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Anonymous said...

Entire Indian media and especially Times of india - shame on u guys.

Anonymous said...

Our media forgot that self reliance comes from self respect-Absolutely shame on them

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